who am i?

some call me fae.
some call me sandy.
i am many colours
even the ones that haven't been invented yet.
i am as free as sea glass...
and as complex as rainforest mosses.
i catch fireflies & tell them secrets.

sparkles & butterflies

i am as constant as the northern star.
i love with utter abandon...
and nurture those who live within my heart.
i am the bearer of sunscreen....
and keeper of gummi bears.
from my soul music sings.
from my fingers visions take wings.

moons & tulips & little red wagons

i am a childlike spirit
who believes in daydreams.
i hug trees...
and play games with my shadow.
i gave a thimble to a pirate...
and he made me his syren.
adventuring we go...
and i capture light.
the finest of all treasures.

do you believe in magick?
photograph © 2005 jes leneé