Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Grand Year, indeed!

Thank you to all my friends, family, and fans who made 2012 memorable to say the least!! SeaStar's tour to Ireland was a huge success! We are working on the 2013 tour as I type this!! We also have our arrows pointed to Scotland and Italy! It will be quite the travel year!!
I had the incredible opportunity to sing in Turkey! WOW! What an incredible place. The history! The grandeur! Completely mindblowing. I can't wait to go back!! I am currently working on a film called "Bir varmış bir yokmuş - Maybe it Happened, Maybe it Didn't", documenting my trip and performances in this magical land I hope to release it in January.

Upon my return from Turkey, I went directly to FarWest in Irvine California. That was a great networking expereince!! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many creative musicians! What a great time!!

With the good came the bad. We lost Captain's Mom this year. We lost many amazing friends in our musical community. These hard times have kept us focused on the positive, the light, and the dreams that we hold so dear. I think each of us lived a little louder because of it.

So as I sit in the afterglow of this incredible year, I am gearing up for many wonderful surprises for 2013. 2 new albums! more music videos! and a special surprise!! Stay tuned! Keep watching!
-With love and thanks,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The colours are so incredible that it inspired me to run through them in hopes of getting tangled in the beauty that is autumn... and I took the boys with!

Enjoy! Share it with friends and know how grateful I am for you and your support!

Now go outside and play!

love, sparkles, ponies, and good deeds-


Thursday, October 25, 2012

a powerful journey of history and music


It has been an amazing month of history, culture, adventure and music! My goodness, where to begin!

As you know, I left for Turkey on September 27 for just over 2 weeks. I left bright and early with my small suitcase, baby Taylor (borrowed from Dirk), and a cold that stayed with me until last Thursday. By that time I was truly sick of being sick. While it hindered me slightly along the way, I never let it stop me from experiencing the magic that lives and breathes in Turkey.

There is so much I have to tell you about my adventures! I sang 3 times in Turkey: an ancient amphitheatre at Ephesus, Hotel Nazar in Selcuk, and a wild Australian/Turkish pub with Hookahs and wine called Fat Boys in Goreme. Crazy times!!!

Upon my return from Turkey, I was home just long enough to wash my clothes and then fly away to Irvine, CA for the FarWest Conference. Wow. What a whirlwind that was!! Three powerful days of workshops, networking and 9 showcases later I collapsed. Such a rock and Roll lifestyle for this folkie! But soooo grateful!

I have decided that I will make a Turkish recap night to talk about the trip/tour. I haven’t the stamina to type it all out.. I will let the photos and video do that. So keep watching for the announcement of the date!

And the new album "Maybe It Happened, Maybe It Didn't" will be released at Christmas. (fingers, toes, and armpits crossed!)

Thanks for following and supporting!

I truly appreciate you!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow's the day!

I fly away.. to ancient ruins, colourful people, and walk along silk road history.

"If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul."
Alphonse de Lamartine

Thank you to Dena for making this advenure possible!
My bag is packed. I have a trusty guitar thanks to my friend Dirk!
My mind is a flutter with what may be and dreams of traveling so far.

I told Adam that I was going to be a time traveler! Going ahead 10 hours from Seattle. When I call him, I will be in the future! Makes the geeky kid in me giggle!

I did decide to bring my laptop so I will post photos along the way. I will also try to blog, but I am more of the ink pen to paper kind of lady.

my Blog

Thank you for following me, listening, supporting local music! I really could not be doing this if it were not for you.

Until Again,
with love,


Thursday, September 6, 2012

3 weeks to ISTANBUL!

Holy smokes! It's getting close! I can't wait!!!

These last few weeks I have been working hard to gather the funds to make my journey a memorable one.
But I could use a little more help...

Donate to the Istanbul Tour!

Click here for paypal
enter this email address

If you donate.. I will have some great rewards for ya!

$5 - $10 - Get a cool "Good Luck" key chain with a handmade Turkish glass Evil Eye bead.. In many Mid-East and Mediterranean cultures, the evil eye is a symbol of protection or good luck, keeping away the jealous energies of others.

$11 - $20 - I will send you a postcard from Turkey! and the key chain!

$21 - $50 - I will send you a postcard and take a photo at some magical place with your name in the photograph wishing you were here! and the key chain!

$51 - $100 - I will film a personalized video for you in some AWESOME historical place in Turkey!! and send you a postcard and key chain!

$101- $150 - I will sing you a song in Turkey, dedicating it to you ...on film .. and will post it on Facebook! and send you a postcard and key chain!

$151 - $500 - I will write a song for you.. inspired by the magic of Turkey, make a video for you, send you a postcard and key chain!

$501 and up - eternal gratitude, house concert at your house... (please note that we would have to discuss travel arrangements as they would not be included), producer credit in the new Istanbul CD, and a very special gift from Turkey.

I will be writing an album from this adventure so any money left over from the tour will help me with that project and help me on the way to California for the Far West Conference, which takes place 5 days after I return from Turkey. I will make every cent count!!!

Thank you for your support!!! I promise to work even harder to bring you the best music I can offer.

With love and thanks from the bottom of my heart,


Some of the styles... they are all different!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Travel, whimsy, good fortune & sheer gratitude!

What an incredible journey I have been on in 2012! From the start of the year, I have been riding on a magic carpet. My journey and tour to Ireland was so successful that I was invited back next spring to do it all over again, only this time we will head North to Northern Ireland! My heart is so grateful to all the kind folks who make/made this happen.

But before that, I am about to take the longest and farthest journey I have ever had. On September 27 my tour in Turkey officially starts. I will be playing in Istanbul, Cappadocia, and hopeful in Selcuk. I will be gone 15 days in this magical country rich in culture, history, and music. Details of the tour still evolving. more to come!

THEN... off to the Far West Conference in Irvine, California for 4 days of music saturation. wow! I still can't believe that this is my life for now! grateful, grateful heart!

AND, on top of that good fortune, my voice studio, Syren's Voice, is running at max capacity! I now have an official wait list for lessons.

And come winter, SeaStar, my Seattle band, will be recording their 4th full length album at Paradise Sound in Index, Washington. Oh we can't wait!! Pat Sample is an amazing sound guru. He works so hard for us.

I am thankful for everyone who has taken the time to follow SeaStar and me on our adventures. Your support and love mean so much.

Upon my return from Turkey, I have challenged myself with writing a 8 song album from the journey. I will release the album on the winter solstice. keep watch for it.

Until again, thanks from the bottom of my heart,


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