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"Fae Wiedenhoeft's voice is the siren's call to the Celtic heart." (CD Baby)

".. one of the best kept secrets in the Celtic world."
(Fan, Port Gamble Maritime Music Fest)

"..the voice... I thought I was listening to an angel..."
(Yakima Folklife)

" An exceptionally strong vocalist..." (San Diego Troubadour)

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, and the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae Wiedenhoeft (pronounced Wee-den-hauft) takes her listeners on a musical journey through history and tradition. Fae is an award winning songwriter. Her finely crafted tunes and classically trained voice are loved and revered by many across the globe. Her songs tangle truth, whimsy, and the passions of the human heart. She creates a beautiful escape from the ordinary with her traditional sounding compositions, singable choruses, and heart breaking melodies. She is also an accomplished musician as she accompanies herself with guitar, mandolin, accordion, banjo, bodhran, tin whistle, piano and more! She has toured across the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, England, France, and Scotland, sharing the stage with folk legends like Dougie MacLean.

"...your treatment of love in your songs reminds me of Kate Wolf's melancholy appreciation of the joy and fragileness of our relations with each other..."
(Orville T. Murphy, author)

A yearly challenge!

This is my 2022 RPM Challenge... write an EP songs or 20 minutes of music in the month of February. The recordings are raw.. often just one take, moments after finishing the writing process. The stories are still a little rough but I think I have a few good ones here. I programmed drums, played bass, AND used pedals with my electric guitar! Oh the risks!
A couple of these songs will show up on the new SeaStar record coming in Summer 2022! We are currently recording them now at Ft. Lawton Studo is Seattle, engineered by Jim Roth.

This EP was released March 1, 2022
All tracks written, performed, arranged, and recorded by Fae Wiedenhoeft, except track 6 - lyrics by Fae Wiedenhoeft with quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh; piano recording and performance by Maestro Bizarro.

One of our FAV Music Videos!
Learn Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Penny Whistle, Bodhran, & More!
Syren's Voice Studio
Home to international recording performer
award winning songwriter, & Grammy Association Voting Member,
Fae Wiedenhoeft

Fae is not only a gifted performer, she is a talented teacher as well. Fae, who is classically trained and holds a BFA degree in Musical Theatre performance, teaches many styles of music, tailors each lesson for every student, and challenges her students to reach into music theory, and even performance, as she hosts three recitals every year.

Fae has taught internationally, bringing with her a passion for music understanding, excellent commumication skills, patience and a deep respect for culture. She is adapable, resourceful, and has experience with learning disablities and special needs. Her online studio maintains a steady roster of 22+ students ranging in ages 6 - 75. She often has a wait list for weekly lessons.

Fae is available for workshops in different specialties ranging from voice and guitar to songwriting to audition preparation.

To learn more about Fae's studio and her lessons

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