Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Grand Year, indeed!

Thank you to all our friends, family, and fans who made 2012 memorable to say the least!! Our tour to Ireland was a huge success! We are working on the 2013 tour as I type this!! We also have our arrows pointed to Scotland and Italy! It will be quite the travel year!!

Falcone finished his incredible documentary , "The Hall of Giants; The Story of Fremont and its Troll". This is quite the accomplishment! It a story about how public art can form communities, lasting accomplishments and a greater sense of place. We are so proud of him!!

Captain wrote, directed and just completed filming of his latest short film called "Brother", starring Clint McCune of Soul Food Books. The film is due to be relased in March! And he concluded his 10 year run with the Blue November MicroFilmFest.
So much success!!!

I had the incredible opportunity to sing in Turkey! WOW! What an incredible place. The history! The grandeur! Completely mindblowing. I can't wait to go back!! I am currently working on a film called "Bir varmış bir yokmuş - Maybe it Happened, Maybe it Didn't", documenting my trip and performances in this magical land I hope to release it in January. Upon my return from Turkey, I went directly to FarWest in Irvine California. That was a great networking expereince!! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many creative musicians! What a great time!!

With the good came the bad. We lost Captain's Mom this year. We lost many amazing friends in our musical community. These hard times have kept us focused on the positive, the light, and the dreams that we hold so dear. I think each of us lived a little louder because of it.

So as we sit in the afterglow of this incredible year, we are gearing up for many wonderful surprises for 2013. A new album! more music videos! and a special surprise!! Stay tuned! Keep watching! And know that we love and appreciate you so!!!

-With love and thanks,


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gold .. the video!
Filmfests & Good Wishes

Wow! what an amazing autumn so far. The colours have been so inspiring! So much that we made a music video for our new tune Gold! We hope that you will enjoy it and share it with your friends!

We still have the FREE DOWNLOAD of GOLD still available. Many have had trouble with the Soundcloud site so if you still wish to download it, please right click HERE
click save as...

We had a great time at the Urban Coffee Lounge on the 3rd of November! What a crowd! We raised money for the Red Cross to aid those affected by Sandy. We raised $96 that night in our tip jar and we added a little more to make a $125 donation. Well done everyone!

Last Friday, the 9th of November, we played at the Yucatan Resturant in Bothell. We were asked to help out at a fundraiser for one of their regulars who was hit by a car. Of course we did all we could to help out! Lots of our dear friends showed up and it was a great night! Thanks to Enriqueta for the hospitality!

It's fun to do good deeds! We hope that we will find a few more to do before the year is out!

This weekend is the Blue November MicroFilmFest. Captain and I have been doing this festival for the last 9 years and this will be our 10th and final one. We hope that you will join us!! Films from all over the world! Music from local artists - including SeaStar on Saturday November 17! Art from local artists Karl Krogstad, Sydney Pertl, and more! Don't miss your last chance to experience the magic of Blue November! We focus on the overlooked and the unseen! You are in for a treat!

Lastly, I would like to wish my brothers in music, a happy birthday! Captain and Falcone are both November babies and it certainly is an honour to know and play with them! So Cheers Brothers!
Love you guys so!

Until the next time!

Hope to see you at Blue November!


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Life is Gold

As the autumn colours warm our hearts,
as the cooler air makes faces rosy,
as the time of year when we give thanks approaches,
it's time to remember that we have been given a gift.

Gold is a song about ordinary life and remembering that it is definitely not ordinary. It's gold!
As we have lost so many in our lives over these last 2 years. Let us live our days to the fullest!
Enjoy every moment because it could be over sooner than we thought.
Embrace this golden life!!

As our gift to you.. please download our new song for FREE!
And share it with your friends.

Until the next time... get outside and enjoy life!
with love and gratitude,
Fae, Captain, & Falcone

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall's in the air...

We have had a great couple of weeks in Seatlle. The weather has been perfect for outside gigs!

We played with Ben Smith at the Columbia City Art Walk last week and it was amazing! What a sweet little group of folks! They were painting murals, enjoying community! It's the stuff we sometimes take for granted.
We tore through some new tunes and even did a little Irish jam including the Irish Washerwoman!

The day after that we played with TC Cochran and had our last show at the Bothell Farmers Market for the season. What fun! The day was a little chilly and a little rain fell, but the folks were kind and the spirits were high! We cranked out some classic rock covers and a new version of "Drawn and Quartered". Folks loved it! So we shall see how it progresses!

Just as the seasons evolve, so does music!

Fae leaves tomorrow for Istanbul! She is very excited about playing there! She will give a full report at the next SeaStar show, November 2 at Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland. Don't Miss it!

Until the next time... get outside and enjoy life!
with love,
Fae, Captain, & Falcone

Sunday, August 18, 2012

Reflection, Index, new music, & the road ahead

Late Summer Greetings to you!

In the Celtic traditions, the end of summer is about thanks. Evenings of fire, dance, music, and gratitude fill the hearts in the community and hope for a kind winter and spring seeds the dreams for the future..

Hot summer days brings folks together for conversation, music, and a jump in a moving river of dreams! This happened at Index for us! Blessed by the prayers from our Native brothers and sisters, the heat was tolerable and we played with our hearts! For 5 years we have been playing this tiny mountain festival and we hope to play it for 50 more. We saw old friends as well as made some new ones! We are SOOO thankful to our loyal STARHEADS who came out to see us! A big thanks to Tie-dye John for driving so far just to catch our set!! You rock!! And to Pat Sample at Paradise sound for making us sound so good. We look forward to next year's festival but in the meantime we have many trips planned for Index, WA.

We have been busy working on new music with new musical friends. The new album will feature our core members, Fae, Captain, and Falcone, but will have some guest musicians like Melody Benbow, TC Cochran, Ben Smith, as well as Orville T Murphy! We are so lucky to have so many talented friends.

Our Halloween EP may be a little late in releasing as Fae's touring schedule is keeping her out of Seattle longer than originally planned. We hope to have it for sale at the Blue November MicroFilmFest which happens the second weekend of November.

Fae will also be releasing an EP from her journeys in Turkey. More details are coming in as well as the start of her video journal which will hold songs never recorded or performed. Should be fairly interesting!

The road ahead is becoming clearer.. We will be heading back to Ireland around Easter 2013 for part 2 of our Tour. We have dates in Carlow and Cork just waiting to be finalized. We also hope to visit bonny Scotland if we can manage. Such magic in those parts!

But for now, we are enjoying the much cooler weather here in Seattle.

We wish you a safe summer's end and dont forget to catch us at the Columbia City Art Walk on September 20th! We hope to see you!

big hearts and kind love,

Fae, Captain, & Falcone


We just released the DVD of our Ireland Tour and are close to selling out. If you wish a copy please email us at
seastar at jetbutterfly dot com

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer sun, Facebook oddities, Home is 1 year old, and Istanbul!

Hello lovely StarHeads!

We have been enjoying the lovely sun and rest that comes from allowing one to have a moment to oneself.

Much creation is in the works from every member of SeaStar. The boys are working on films, I am back to painting and song writing. I had a successful summer camp with amazing kiddos at my Studio. I really couldn't ask for more.

I was trying to update the website with a few facebook posts from the band but I couldnt find them on our timeline. *sigh* So I will try to post them here on our official website as well as on Facebook. I do not want to have anyone out of the know.

We are happy that our album "Home" is one year old as of June 21. We toasted to the creative process that lead us to that wonderful experience. Good times... but now we look to the future and the new album. We hope to have an EP out by Halloween. Keep checking back for more info.

I am heading off to Istanbul at the end of September to visit and play music. This is a huge dream of mine. The boys will stay behind, due to finances. I am looking forward to sharing our music with the musicians there. It will be another life changing expereince I feel. I will be putting on a house concert in August and will talk more about the trip. If you are interested in that show, since it is a private house, please email me
jetbutterfly at gmail dot come

Upon my return I will gather my senses and then head down to the Far West Music Conference in Irvine CA. There is talk of even going to Disneyland.. wow.
So much is moving in the music world these days.

Our July 20th show at the Mandolin Cafe has been cancelled. Their landlord told them they had to leave unexpectedly. It is sad since it was a great venue and the staff were so kind to us. We are currently seeking another place to play that night. I will post info soon.

On that note... I bid you good tidings.

and if you find yourself in Bothell next Friday July 13, I am playing the Farmers Market in Country Village.
2pm - 4pm Stop by and say hi!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

There's no place like Home

While traveling to Ireland was a life changing experience, it is good to be home in our community!

We had such fun at Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland, last Friday with our firends Kevin Oaks, who opened the show; the lovely Phoebe, she sang so bEEEutifully!; and all the kind folks who came out! ♥

Our summer will be light this year by choice. We have many irons in the fire right now. Falcone is finishing up his Troll Documentary, Captain is filming and writing again.. and I have been song writing like mad. Tunes are dripping from my fingers.. SOOO

We will soon record an EP of NEW music at our favourite recording Paradise!

Keep following us! We appreciate your support and love!


Monday, April 30, 2012

Across the Seas &
Into the unknown.

Sorry that we completely missed making an entry for March. We were busy raising money for the Ireland tour and takin' care of business, so to speak. Forgive us. :)

Fae played most of March with Dan Connolly at JJ Mahoney's Pub in Redmond.

SeaStar played a prelude to St. Pats at the Urban Coffee Lounge on Friday March 9th and had a wonderful evening full of good spirits, StarHeads and young stars.. We had Miss Sophie start the night off with her incredible singing and guitar playing! She is almost 12 years old and already wooing the masses! Keep an eye out for her.


Ireland was a dream. Kindest folks on the planet and we swear that they all have nice voices! Fae will be posting a travel journal soon so you can follow our adventures.

We played at the Pan Celtic International Music Festival in Carlow on Wed, April 11, 2012. On Friday, April 13th, we played Dick Mack's in Dingle. It was a rockin' evening! We were well received and asked back! So the SeaStar Ireland Invasion 2013 is already in the works! We are going back!! We really loved it there and could have easily stayed a month or two without a blink.

While we were on our way home we received the sad news that Captain mom, Phaedra, had passed away. It was a hard news with a feeling of shock and not knowing what to do next. Captain is thankful for all the kind wishes and prayers. Phaedra will be honored in our next CD as it will be dedicated to her memory. Her spirit will continue to inspire us.

Rest in Peace, lovely Phaedra.

Going forward

We have a quieter summer ahead of us. We are taking more time to write and take in life experiences. Life is so short. Gotta have a good balance with ample playtime. We are playing a few festivals and Fae will be getting her feet wet in the Far West scene this fall..
so much is in the works.

Keep following us! We love you!
and are so grateful for your presence!!

Rock On, Starheads!

Fae, Captain, & Falcone

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Changes, travels, &
the path ahead

After much deliberation, Geli has made the difficult decision to leave the band. We offer our support, our friendship, and we wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

Today I booked our tickets to Ireland. We are officially on tour as of April 8. Dates and venues will be announced as we move forward. This is a dream come true for us!

We are on a super tight budget, but we will make it!
If you wish to help us on our way… you can Donate to our tour in Ireland!!

Just click on the button above and you can make a secure donation to our travel fund!

If you donate.. we will have some rewards for ya!

$0 - $10 - We will send you a postcard from Ireland!

$15 - $30 - We will send you a postcard and take a photo at some magical place with your name in the photograph wishing you were here!

$31 - $75 - We will film a personalized video for you in some AWESOME historical place in Ireland!!

$76- $150 - We will sing you a song in Ireland, dedicating it to you ...on film .. and will post it on Facebook!

$151 - $500 - Fae will write a song for you.. inspired by the magic of Ireland.

There will likely be a new album that will come out of this trip so any help will be appreciated!

We love you and thank you for your support!!! We promise to work even harder to bring you the best music we can offer.

With thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Winter winds, radio waves, and Atlantic dreams.

It's only 8 days into the new year and I have been working hard on getting SeaStar ready for a great year ahead! Those winter winds have brought the muse home and much new music is on the way! Plus lots of other cool stuff!

Our music was submitted and approved by Pandora! Keep a look out in the next few weeks for our presence in that epic world!
CDs submitted to:

KUOW ~ Steve Scher
KEXP ~ New Music Show
KBCS ~ Local Folk Scene
NPR ~ All Things Considered
In the next few weeks, call up these radio stations and ask for us!!

On deck:
lots of other internet radio stations! Captain and I received a gift of a Roku and we have discovered lots of places for independent music! We are assembling our internet forces and will infiltrate soon!

Captain is booking shows with fun new bands we have encountered! WOO HOOO!

We will soon record an EP of NEW music at our favourite recording Paradise!

April will bring SeaStar to Ireland for some music fun! Tour info TBA
This is a huge dream of mine! I can't wait to land on the soil that has influenced me for so long!!

"When winter was brawling, o'er high hills and mountains
And dark were the clouds o'er the deep rolling sea,
I spied a wee lass as the daylight was dawning
She was asking the road to sweet Carnloch Bay.

The adventure continues!! Join us for the ride!
Thanks for being our fans,


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