Monday, December 5th, 2011

Love ~ Music for Community, Rumors, Ho Ho Ho-ing!

As I turn the calendar page to the final chapter of this year all I can say is WOW! So much music played, listened to, recorded! Many miles traveled, new friends discovered, beautiful places embraced! I am caught in awe. I set many goals for my SeaStar family and we exceeded all of them. And most importantly... we had FUN doing it!! Thanks to all our fans for your continued support! For without you, none of this was possible!

We played our second to last show of year on Friday, December 2 at Enlighten Cafe! I had an idea that I wanted to give back to the community. We had received so much this year, it just made sense to give back. I came up with LOVE ~ Music for Community. I wanted to host an evening featuring several bands and performers to raise money for a charity.
We did just that. On board were:

The Hayburners
Jim Marcotte
Jean Mann
House of Neptune
Samaya Tribe
Janet McCammon
and SeaStar
We raised money and gathered goods for
the Ballard Food Bank.
It was a very successful evening of music, dance, and community. I announced that this night was the first of many community driven shows that would happen throughout 2012. While this is a big undertaking, I believe that we need to embrace our community and pay attention to things around us. So keep a look out for the next Love ~ Music for Community Show!

So many have asked...
I heard things under people's breath Friday night...
"Where is Geli?" "Did she leave the band!? "

WHAT!? NO!!!

In the start of autumn, Geli requested December off for a little break and social time. This year has been packed with gig after gig! Recording and promoting a CD, while having a day job, is a hard thing. So when Geli requested this, the band said 'No Problemo!" We are still together and ready to get giging in January.

SeaStar's last show for 2011 will be Friday, December 9th at the Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma with Blue Star Creeper. We will have TC Cochran playing lead guitar for us that night. You should come!


We wish you a bright holiday season! Embrace your friends and family, hold a light in your heart, and do a few good deeds! Sing songs, play music, and most of all.. be gentle to yourself and those around you.

Peace on Earth!
Good Will to Men, Women, & Dachshunds!

PS: A very happy birthday to my She-Star sistah, Geli!

Janet McCammon & SeaStar ~ Photo by Mike McCarty

Syren ~ Photo by Mike McCarty

Sunday, November 24th, 2011

Blue November, Autumn Colours, T Shirts & New Music!

November has flown by! Autumn came on like a love affair! Lush and bright the colours took life and soon the last little leaves will fall. The naked trees are dancing in the whispers of winter...

The Ninth Annual Blue November MicroFilmFest was a great experience for SeaStar. Every year is different with new films and friends. This year was no exception! Thankful to have this event in our community!

We have a full collection of T-Shirts now!! You can email us with what you like and we can ship them out to you!! pay with paypal! $20 plus $2 for shipping. Please visit our SeaStar Facebook Page for more pictures!! Makes a perfect Christmas gift!!

New Music was played at the Night of Health & Inspiration in Country Village, Bothell. We debuted 3 new tunes that will be in our regular line up now! And more on the way!! The chilly weather is always a muse.

Happy Birthday to our He-Stars
Captain & Falcone!

Thanks for reading, listening, following!

Big Love,
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

New Design for T-Shirts!

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Parties, Pandas, Shanties, Mini Tour, Mini Bar? well maybe...

So we began this month with a birthday party for our dear friend and STARHEAD, Shanie. We made it over to Soul Food Books in Redmond to have a little celebration, cat cake, and a few good laughs to ring in another year for a great person. It is always fun to play at parties with a gaggle of other musicians. Our improv skills are pretty high so this is a great treat for us!

We played again at the Mandolin Cafe in Tacoma the following week! What a great venue. Lovely folks, great food, wonderful staff, and a bunch of new fans! We were very flattered that Bill, a new Starhead, even requested "True"! He said that he looked us up, listened to our music, and loved the tune. So we dedicated it to him! Brilliant!

The next day Fae celebrated her one year anniversary of having the Caboose, an actual train car inside the Country Village, as her studio! We practice every week in this1923 historic gem. It is a wonderful place to make music!! Happy 1 year Caboosie!

The third weekend hosted our mini tour with Blue Star Creeper and The Lunasphere! We played the Shanty Tavern in Lake City and the following day we made it up to Arlington, Wa to play the Mirkwood Cafe! What a wonderful group of folks to spend a couple of days with! Great music! Phenomenal people! We hope we can do this again.. but longer next time!!

This past Friday we played the Blue Moon in Seattle. Pocket Panda put together a great night of music with Lone Madrone from Portland and Seth McGrath. The bar was hoppin' with swelling folk music!...a change from the usual Rock/Punk scene that usually is there.
Great staff, wonderful sound! Thanks to all that came out... Oh, and we were in costume..
so that was an extra bonus!!

Happy Samhain!
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Autumn Sings!

The harvest moon has been warming our hearts!
The summer is lingering and we are in awe of the support from our fans.


Our little SeaStar family had a great Labor Day weekend fiesta at Geli's house. Roasting marshmallows, rekindling fond memories from summer, and dreaming of new music and projects to get tangled in. There is much in the works for SeaStar!!

Our gig at the SeaMonster Lounge was a great success and we are so thankful to have our STARHEADs at our shows! Thanks to all the new friends we met that night too!!

This past weekend we had our Autumn Equinox show at the Enlighten Cafe with Kelly Blanchard of Blue Star Creeper. What a great night! It was warm, the tunes were swelling high and summer was giving us a fond farewell! There was something magical about that night. The crowd was small but those there cast such a warm light that the room really seemed to glow!

Next weekend we are booked with Jim Marcotte at the Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland. Before that on Thursday, September 29, join Fae and Geli for a lovely little house concert in Kirkland! Joining us that night will be Dan Connolly! Visit our facebook page for full details!

Thank you for all you do! We love ya!
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Helping Japan,
Rockin' Out in Tudor Style &
SeaStar Comes Home!

What an amazing summer. The last couple of weeks have been amazing! We traveled to Bellingham to play in a show called Japanefit at the Wild Buffalo. We shared the stage with some phenomenal musician: LA artist Goh Kurosawa , SJ Tucker, and Jean Mann
A magical night for music and helping out others.

We played the Bothell Farmers Market twice in July! Oh the lovely fruits and veggies the kind farmers had for us! Lots of good kudos and CD sales too!

Fae, Geli, & Captain headed up to Langley, BC for the 5th annual BC RenFest . Geli joined the ladies of Syren for their rip roaring Celtic sets! Captain was the photographer and general mead taster. Twas a wild ruckus indeed!

Then SeaStar came home to Index, where the CD was recorded, mixed, mastered, and nurtured. We had the honour to play in the Index Arts Festival. We had a primo spot with an AMAZING audience who gave us so much love! We even got cheers of ONE MORE! but the time crunch wouldn't allow it! They responded with a 'who cares!' We laughed and soaked up the love. We had incredible sound from Pat Sample, who recorded us in April! We even met the kind lady who's jumpy horse is on the cover of our album! She was so honored. Friends and STARHEADS traveled up to see us play! Just can't believe the support and love from everyone. Thank you!!

Finally, yesterday we had another appearance at the Bothell Farmer's Market. Fae had a wisdom tooth pulled an hour before the set. While she didnt sing, Fae backed up the phenomenal Geli Wuerzner with guitar and bodhran. Geli lit the place on fire with her fiddlin' magic! Captain kept us grounded with his thunderin' bass... and all was well in the world of SeaStar

Summer Smiles, Love, & Hugs
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Japanefit at the Wild Buffalo

Index Arts Fest

The Moon Over Index

Monday, Ju1y 11th, 2011

Summer Sizzles

What an amazing couple of weeks we have had!

Our CD Release at SoulFood on June 25th was a HUGE success thanks to all the kind folks who came out and supported us! Our fans are calling themselves
It's incredible how many are coming out to our shows! We are so grateful and feeling the love from everyone. THANK YOU, STARHEADS!!

We even have T-shirts now! These were a big hit at our CD Release! We will have them at all our shows or you may order one!

We played Yakima FolkLife this past weekend and had a lovely time meeting and hearing other musicians from around the Pacific Northwest! Shouts out to the two Joes (or Joe Squared, as we called them) and The Winterlings, a very sweet couple!. Performed on the Grove stage, infront of a glorious old tree and had great sound with the Precision Sound Folks! Thanks to Janet and Gary & crew for making us sound so good! AND...Even got a radio broadcast on the
ACOUSTIC EDGE with Stephanie on
88.1 FM The Edge!!

What's next? Seattle CD Release this Friday! Japan benefit with LA artist Goh Kurosawa , SJ Tucker, and Jean Mann

Love, Unicorns, and CapriSun Smiles,
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Mens or Ladies
Thursday, June 16th, 2011

CDs have landed!

The CDs arrived on the glorious full moon of last eve! All 1,033 of them!! We are soo excited to finally see them. It's all really happening! wow.

What an amazing journey this entire process has been! And we have YOU to THANK!!

This weekend we will assemble the rewards packages! If you are local and are planning on coming to the CD release party, Your rewards will be available for you that night with a special Viva La SeaStar Fans prize! Folks outside the Seattle area, will likely receive your rewards in the mail close to if not on the CD release party date of June 25 (that is our goal!). May take a little longer for our international fans (sorry my friend!).

We are so fortunate to have so many who have supported, believed, and cheered us on! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We hope you love the new album.
And let us know what you think! We need reviews!!!

Love, Sparkles, Ponies, and Rainbows,
-Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Almost Home
Limited Edition EP

$12 ...includes shipping!

Track Listing
1. Moon Jubilee
2. Broken
3. Bluebird
4. True
5. Comes Love (live)
6. Dark Eyes (live)
7. Bedlam Boys (live)
8. Geli Snort (live)

Tracks 1- 4 are from our new CD, Home, to be released on June 21st, 2011
The live tracks were recorded in Geli’s living room, aka Rusted Lemon Studios. You can hear the happy feet of Slinky the dog in some of the tracks. These tracks are exclusive to the EP and are not available anywhere else! A must for the SeaStar collector.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Weekend # 3 complete!

Just a little note to let you know that the CD is mixed and about to be mastered!! We have 12 tracks and we are working on the artwork now. It's almost done!!! wow!!! Lots of work in a very short time.

A limited edition EP will be available at Northwest Folklife called "Almost Home"... it will feature 4 or 5 tracks from the new album as well as some live material. This EP will be the official release of our new single "Broken". It will be a limited run and will be numbered

It will go on sale Friday May 27th and can be purchased through the FolkLife store and email/paypal. If you are not in the Seattle area and wish to purchase a copy, please email us The CD will be $12 and that includes shipping. Remember.. there will only be 100 copies... and that all!

Our CD Release party of "Home" is scheduled for Saturday June 25th at SoulFood Books in Redmond, WA. This is such an amazing space with a sincere feeling of 'coming home'. The band could not think of a better place to have the release! The concert will start at 8pm Pacific time and will be streamed live on the internet through So if you can't make it locally, you can still see the concert!!

In 2 weeks we will start gathering your contact information for your rewards! We are so excited and grateful for all the support! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Falcone says: "Holy Fruition, Batman, we're stoked for Paradise! Can't wait to record with Pat Sample at Paradise Sound in Index, WA and to share the fruits of our fruition with you all June 21st, when we plan to release the album to the world. None of this would be possible without your support, so we offer our sincere gratitude and thanks. Cheers!"

The band agrees! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank YOU!!

Over the course of the next 2 weekends, we will post photos and videos on our facebook page to give you a behind the scenes look at our recording adventure! Should be pretty fun!

Thank you for following our music, listening, cheering us on, and spreading the word about us. It is such a gift when we receive your comments, thoughts, blessings, toasts, wisdom, and prayers. Our hearts are full.


Fae, Captain, Geli, & Falcone

Monday, April 4th, 2011

We made our goal!!!
All thanks to YOU!!

Holy smokes! We ended our pledge drive on KickStarter at 107% funded!! This is incredible!! WOW!

On April 16th, we will begin recording with the talented Pat Sample from Paradise Sound in Index, WA.
We are overjoyed and excited about the new CD that will be released Father's Day / Summer Solstice 2011!
We couldn't have done it without you!

In the meantime, we will keep rehearsing, playing shows, and trying to bring the best that we have to offer to our friends and fans.

Please follow us on our FaceBook page for all the latest info as to what we are doing! We post photos, videos, and messages weekly! Don't miss out!

Or if you would like to join the mailing list
email us!

seastar at jetbutterfly dot com

February 28, 2011

It's been a long time coming...
We are making a new CD!
And YOU can Help!

In April, we will record with the talented Pat Sample from Paradise Sound in Index, WA. We will have a full length CD of original material that we hope will please our fans and friends! The release date is scheduled for the Summer Solstice 2011!

Please follow the link to our Kickstarer page.

How to use Kickstarter...

1. Pledge the amount that you wish knowing that we fully appreciate and value your contribution. The rewards to the right of this paragraph are just one way we can reciprocate for your involvement in this project.

2.The transactions are safe and secure! All payments are handled through You will not be charged until we reach our goal. With that being said, if we do not reach our goal, we sadly will receive nothing.
We can only receive your generous donations if we reach our goal of $4500

3. Pass this link on to your social network. Like it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, and post on your E-Groups. Help spread the love and help us achieve our goal and dream! We promise we will not let you down!

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